Wednesday, July 17, 2013

I Remember

Eyes agate cold
Hard black ice
Hatred’s disengagement
Disappointments toughened gaze

I remember the silence
Of simple words unspoken
“I love you” never heard
Until doubt made me ask

Thrown away line
“Of course”
God loves you if you are good

How could I be good enough
For God
When flesh of flesh
Was never good enough for you

Sperm grown from you
Male of male
Your hatred of your sexuality
Thrown full force in my face

Do I forgive?
It’s the Christian thing to do
Yet truth be told
I’m not sure I do

There is a part, Kronos like of mythology
Would take a sickle to dis-embowel
To see in eyes agate cold
The pain you caused in me

They say it’s patricide
Yet how could it be
That implies you were
A father to me

Your restless soul
Stalks the corridors of eternity
Still comes back to me
And I confess

If I could rip your soul apart
I’d tear you space from space
I’d throw my rage back in your face
Your disappointing son

I know you passed to me
The legacy of our family
Yet you and your God
Were impotent

Content to rage in
Hatred for your humanity
And wreck revenge
On me

And I, Vesuvius capped
Have learnt to smile
Yet sulphuric volcanic rage
Within subterranean layers roils

For I remember
But I will not let you win
Anger will be transformed

The phoenix will rise within


  1. Thank you for sharing such deep reflections of existence. Kronos will lose his grip and Vesuvius will cool. The Phoenix rises!