Sunday, June 16, 2013

The Void Within

It is the void within
That lives in us
The space within our souls
That cave of loneliness
The cavity of shame within our core

We hide within our smiles
Our hollow laughter echoes, as
We throw gold
Within the void
A wishing well of unfulfilled desire
And hope to buy some peace

Weighed down, we chance
What we have bought
Will choke our loneliness
And strangle our silent screaming
With bling we hide the vacant stares
Of hollowed eyes that will not gaze
Into the void

Distracted by our drink
We grope to grasp at intimacy
Clutching anonymous warm bodies
To soothe our loneliness
While rage roils within
And feeds our shame and guilt

We would avoid the void
Like Oedipus before, we blind ourselves
Content blind eyes cannot see
Yet our spirit hears
The echoed sound
Of the space within
The space within our souls

We must stand at the void
And stare within
We must pierce the shadows
And see, if perchance
There is some gold
Within the void
The cavity of our soul


  1. Very good David ... it is sad that we try to fill the void with material things instead of looking within.

    1. Thank you Yobial, yes agreed and so often we forget to look within and hope the next "thing" will work. Have a wonderful week. David

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you Alana. Hope you are doing well and moving is going according to plan. Take care. David