Tuesday, June 4, 2013


Small cinder
It lies
In a room
Within a room
Beyond a room

Well protected
From religious holiness
Black spot on white
A place to rest the eye
From blinding spotless purity

Cindering smoke
Its fragrant incense
Lingering, teasing wisps
Ascending to the threefold gods
Choice, sin and righteousness

Within the inner sanctum
In that room, within a room
Beyond a room
I, threefold action

For years successful
I fought
Yet not accepting my success
Black spot, smouldering, it stayed
A stain in that room within a room

Then I accepted
It was a part of me,
A shadowed part
No more, no less
And we drew a truce

Finally I took the courage
To befriend this lust
I’m glad I did
For friendship saved me

From the madness that would have been me.

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