Friday, June 7, 2013


The lawyers of this world
Are a necessary species
To help explain the law

They have evolved through trials
And cases, the skill
Of explaining the minuscule

They pontificate upon the meaning
And proliferate the permutations
Of interpreting a word

In an attempt to provide clarity
They tend to obfuscate the verb
Or complicate the adverb

Perhaps the meaning isn't
In the doing
It might be in the noun

The nuances of the noun
Need a fine enunciation
An elaboration and elucidation

So expounding and proclaiming
The cases of the past
They hope, that by verbosity

Somewhere amongst the words
There is a resolution to the possibilities
Of permutations and elucidations

It all depends upon the declension
Or its inflection
Or perhaps upon the counterclaim

Just remember
The disputation by the counterclaim
May result in the amputation of your reputation

So perhaps tread with gentle care
And a sense of trepidation
Before you declaim

“I’ll call my lawyers”

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