Thursday, May 30, 2013

Orpheus' Call

The haunting of his lyre
Coils around
Wind’s symphonic sound
Orchestra of soulful sprites

And in the rests between the notes
Before Wind takes up the refrain
The golden lingering lilt
I hear again

This rhapsody of ache
The cadence of loss
His sound
Echoing through the cave of time

It calls to me
In haunting silence
Captivating and enthralling me

It tempts me
Enticing me
To meet him
At the fissure of time

There at that opening
Where time fragments into light
And Cerberus lies
Tamed by the magic of his sound

Yet I more
Odysseus than Orpheus
Must to the mast remain
And stay awhile in this space

Still I hear and
My soul does ache
To sit in silence
Lost in wonder at

The golden lingering lilt

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