Thursday, May 16, 2013


Ponderings from Beaufort St - 17th May 2013

There was tension in the air
A tautness, tight and fierce
The cars were racing down the street
To find a parking space

The clouds lifted up above of me
Billowed silently without stress
They simply followed nature’s laws
And gently grew and changed their shape

He raced across the street in front of me
In quick staccato steps
A man intent, absorbed in tensions grip
He dragged in haste on cigarette

The leaf, gently let itself fall free
Autumnal coloured and without sound
It simply followed nature’s laws
And floated to the ground

And fleets of buses,
Crackling with synthetic sound
Charged in fretful anxiety
Timetables to keep

Sunlight, gentle rose
Without sound or stressful fuss
It simply followed nature’s laws
And lit the shadowed walls

So my friend
Go gently midst the haste
When taut and tight
And with staccato steps
You race from here to there
Stop and
Simply follow nature’s laws.

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