Sunday, April 7, 2013

The Silence of the Final Breath

Machines, guardian sentinels of your struggle
Expire in reverent silence
Beeps, beep no more
Hisses, no longer hiss
The lines, their dancing cease
Bow in flattened silence
As your breathing stills

Mechanical orchestra
Symphony of automated sound
Choir conducted by your breath
Into pianissimo descend
Softly, falling
In humble awe
As your breathing stills

For time expanded
And in the space between your rasping breaths
You slipped and fell through time
Moments became eternity
Your soul slid past your guardian sentinels
The silence of your going.

I crave one beep,
One blip to hear
I wait suspended breath to see
If rasping breath will return to me
But you have gone my son
My only son
Enfolded by eternity
And in the silence
Broken breath returns to me.

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