Friday, April 19, 2013

The Final Silent Kiss

Scattered upon the sea
With final prayer
That your soul may roam free

I stand on the shore
Your substance now gone
Only memories remain.

Surrounded by salt sea
I choke on salt tears
As you drift on the currents

You gather that sea for one final goodbye
It surges and rises at your silent command
Swirling and rushing your wish to perform

I groan your name in my grief
While secretly proud of your power
You take me

Submerge me, baptise me
Your ashes flow over me
Life’s circle complete

As I took you a babe in my arms
Now in natures grip you take me in yours
And in the chaos and tumult

You grant me one final silent kiss

Receding you’re gone
From retreating waves
I rise to new life

In sad realization
I know, you are gone
Yet, in your going

You gave me
One final memory
The memory

Of that final chaotic silent kiss.