Tuesday, April 30, 2013

My challenge for May

At the beginning of April I set myself a challenge to write a poem a day that had something to do with silence or some aspect of silence within it.

I have to thank the poetic muses for enabling me to complete the challenge by providing poetic inspiration; assisting me to survive on less sleep and to love the silence between mid-night and 2am!

This morning I wrote of noticing the small things that are so easily missed in the mix of our daily lives in the poem - "I want to write".

I walk to and from work each day down Beaufort St.  It is a distance of about 6kms each way.  So this is my challenge to myself.

Each morning for the next two weeks as I walk to work I will look for something I have not noticed before or seen; something that is easily missed and I will write a poem on it.  I am calling this set of poems "Ponderings on Beaufort St"

Finally, thank you to all the readers and writers.  Your insights and turns of phrases are beautiful and constantly challenge me to strive to do better - thank you.

I want to write

I am a swordsman of the word
I wield words and pithy phrases
Each day I practice
For I want to write

I want to write of life’s wild passions
The pinnacle heights of love’s orgasmic union
The yawning caverns of love’s defeat
I want to write profound and deep

I want to write of journeys of exotic discovery
Exploring inner depths of soul
Mine my shadow’s hidden glaciers
I want to write words of reflective gold

I want to write of philosophies
Of ideologies and beliefs
Of God and gods
I want to write succinct and terse

Yet perhaps
As swordsman of the word
My task is humbly to record
The chinks un-noticed by most

Those silent, fleeting openings
That make up our humanity
The coffee served with warming smile
In cafĂ©’s busy rushing hour

The child hand of trust
Held in mother’s loving care
The dog who sits in faithful serenity
While owner consumes the paper in fretful nervousness

The look of fear that easily masked
The look of love in shadow’s hid
The silence behind the spoken word
The things left out and never heard

So perhaps I’ll forgo the passion
The journey’s of discovery
I’ll skip philosophies and theologies
I’ll write of ephemeral things

That make up our humanity


He greeted me
In shadowed light
His face
Alluring in silhouette
His chuckle, predatory and deep
And leaning in towards me
Whispered in smoky tones
I know your regrets

While you prayed, I partied
While you preached I played
While you sought souls to save
I taught them the tricks of the trade
I taught them present enjoyments
When you told them of heaven’s delights
I taught them to laugh
When you trained them in guilt

He grinned in malicious delight
And now?
You wish you had partied rather than preached
And played rather than prayed
You wished you had drunk deep of this cup
Than hope for a future of heavenly delights

I paused and reflected
And then matched his grin
Ah Regret,
It’s true I missed those parties
Those delicious delights
It’s true I wanted to play

So doubts I keep a few
In my attic
For when I’m melancholic
And the moon is full
And I’m walking the pet of self pity
But regrets?

I chose and in choosing
I have no regrets
I am who I am for
I chose what I chose
And Regret, paled
Shrugged and limped away
For he knew, in my choice
I had no regret.

Monday, April 29, 2013

The Question

Three times she asked
Three times I denied
In the stillness no laughing rooster crowed

The matter dropped into acidic silence
The bitter pauses of
Corrosive maternal communication

Grace could not redeem
Nor reconcile
Love's cross purposes

Relationship of taciturn disappointment
Described by separation
Years marked by dwindling attempts at speech

That denial
Rebellions perverse attempt
At autonomy

We were good at what we did
Chosen from eternity
To disappoint the maternal bond

Your final breath
A tortured restless soul’s
Final resignation

Now flesh to dust has turned
Yet from the ground
That question echoes one more time

This time, in silent affirmation
Rebellion transferred declares
I write

Sunday, April 28, 2013


Asleep I wake
Flickering images
Strands of light
Play out in the thickets of my mind

People I know
Doing things I do not know
Actors in surreal silence
Miming stories I do not understand

These phantoms,
Are they just
The cataloguing of overwrought mind
Into dewy system of forgetfulness

Or do these apparitions speak
The silent language of inner mind
When consciousness into
Slumber slips

Awake, I wake
Memory in hazy confabulation
And in the silence of blurred consciousness
I wonder, did I

Dreaming sleep or
In my sleep dream
Or is my life a dream
In someone else’s sleep

Saturday, April 27, 2013


A road driven down
Nudging ajar a door
To the dust and debris of another life
A younger life

Houses transformed
New owners unhearing
The whispered histories
I knew and understood

Memories stacked in
Time warped trunks
Carefully folded, packed away
In mausoleum stillness

Through half closed door
Gust time’s entangled
Imprints of recollections
Insubstantial shadows of yesterday

Withered petals of dreams
Crumpled, crushed possibilities
The faint acidic scent
Of ancient hidden fears

Hope’s dust gathered
In tender care
Washed in silent recollection
The dust and debris of that other life.

Friday, April 26, 2013

Ode to the Moon

You rise in silent splendour
Golden orb
In simple, brilliant glory
You step upon your stage
The radiance of your light
Filtered through ghostly trunks of gum trees

Queen of the night
Before whom haute couture
Pales into bland insignificance
At your unadorned magnificence
Photographed on the catwalk of scientific endeavour
You float in simple elegance
Unperturbed by man’s pretentious verbosity

I stand in silent awe before you
Lost for words before exquisite beauty
My soul awakes, moon touched
And sloughs world jaded view
And I must try my very best
In paltry lines
To sing my silent wonder
At your resplendent opulence

Thursday, April 25, 2013

The Silent Tango of Fear

She came towards me
With sultry swaying steps
Her smile as open as her arms
To embrace me,
Partner in her dance

A dance we danced before
Day in, day out
In slow and silent steps
The rhythmic beat of hearts in sync
My feet begin move

She leads as only she can lead
My body chilled in her embrace
Her breath upon my neck ice cold
Her hand upon my shoulder
Hoar frost pentacles

It is the dance of fear I dance
A puppet pulled by silent strings
The dance of
Might be’s; may be’s; could be’s’ possiblies
A dance of slow constricting steps

I can’t do this I could be wrong,
I can’t say that, you may be right,
I can’t be this, it’s possibly incorrect
I can’t be that, it’s definitely false
I can’t be who I am

So I live my life
In the dance of fear
And hope in fear’s embrace
I might be right
But I fear I’m wrong

I’ll stop this dance
I’ll dance myself
I’ll dance without fear’s embrace
I’ll dance to the rhythmic beat of my heart
My heart and I, we’ll dance alone

I will do this, for I must dance
I will dance my truth
I will dance who I am
I will dance to my beat
I will dance for
I am who I am

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

For Your Birthday

First born of mine
You came into this world
With wide eyed wonder
At natures bounty
A smile, burst of sunflower
Bright, open and yellow warm

Through passing years
I’ve watch you grow
We’ve navigated through
Seas of father child relationship
Sometimes stormy, sometimes calm
Yet always in loves embrace
We’ve taught each other well

Proud I am of all the
Adult roles you now play
Wife, mother, friend, confidant and worker
Your wide eyed wonder and sunburst smile
Passed down the generations
Your care and loyalty a
Tribute to your soul

But most of all
I’m proud of you
First born child of mine
And I with wide eyed wonder
Incredulous at all you are
I thank the God’s for their grace
In gifting you to me

Happy birthday my daughter

Silent Shadow

He sits in stark rigidity
As if by inflexibility alone
He could halt the march
Of his insanity

His eyes unfocused
As the last remaining cirrus strands
Of connected thought
In glorious sunset set

And madness casts
Its long cold shadow
Across his tortured soul
Stretched tight

Bound on angst ridden rack
Held captive to insanities malignant delight
His mind, frayed as creeping insubstantialities
Ghouls of other worlds appear
And into his reality rise

He invokes their names as deities
And chanting incoherent prayers
Words began
And then are lost
Before these phantoms of his mind

I sit real shadow
Ignored, unseen
A link to this world
Invisible, imperceptible

I sit in reverent silence
Mute witness to his pain
He speaks in languages distorted
Yet it is the tone of suffering
I hear and understand

A mind
Unhinged, lost and wandering
Uncertain, unsure and insecure
A mind that sees in technicolour
What words stuttered to convey

And in the silence
I wait
While time ticks its metronomic beat
Drumming to his monotonous pleas

Then in-between some ghostly apparition of his mind
He turns
Surprised to find
My shadow sitting in his reality
An eclipse of a shy boyish grin appears

And in that look
His chanting paused
And in that space
Something clicked into place

And gradually he began the
Slow unsteady ascent
From the rack of tortured mind
Into some uncertain space

I smiled in simple recognition
Of this man’s humanity
I honoured with my silence
His mind’s titan struggle
For that is all I can do
As I sit, a silent shadow
In his reality

Lessons from the Flower

I took a flower, a silent flower
And plucked it from its stem
I grabbed and pulled a petal
I love me
And then the next
I love me not
And round the flower I went

The answer did displease me
I plucked another from its stem
I grabbed this petal
I love me not
And then the next
I love me
And round the flower I went

The answer pleased
But was I convinced?
Still uncertain and insecure
I plucked another, a silent flower…
Soon round me lay the empty stems
And petals in a heap
In the centre of dead flowers I sat

Oh foolish man
Why did I seek
An answer to my self worth
By pulling flowers apart
Do I destroying natures beauty
Calm neurotic fears
My failing sense of worth

A silent tear formed, pearled and ran
I grieved the havoc I had wrought
I spied one last remaining flower
And bending, gently touched it's petal
I love me, I love you
I love me
And I was convinced

Monday, April 22, 2013

Drifting Apart

We speak
We talk
We chat
We natter
We pause to draw breath

We gossip
We converse
We have a word
We pause to draw breath
In the pause there is silence

We chinwag
We have our say
We pause to draw breath
In the pause there is silence
Words are unspoken

We pontificate
We pause to draw breath
In the pause there is silence
Words are unspoken
What should be said is not

We pause to draw breath
In the pause there is silence
Words are unspoken
What should be said is not
Assumptions fill the silence

In the pause there is silence
Words are unspoken
What should be said is not
Assumptions fill the silence
Words undeclared

Words are unspoken
What should be said is not
Assumptions fill the silence
Words undeclared
Words unprofessed

What should be said is not
Assumptions fill the silence
Words undeclared
Words unprofessed
Words choked back in silence

Assumptions fill the silence
Words undeclared
Words unprofessed
Words choked back in silence
We drift

Words undeclared
Words unprofessed
Words choked back in silence
We drift

Silence's Dare

Silence raised her cup
And coyly winked at me
Come drink my cup said she
A special toast to you

You like the stillness and the silence
She raised a mocking eye
But are you brave enough to
Drink this cup of mine?

Our eyes did meet
In taunting dare
What is so special
About your cup?

She laughed in silent laughter
Some, when sipping from my cup, said she
Sleep their way through life
While others….., she grinned in mean magnificence

My mind recoiled
As my hand reached out
I rose to her challenge
And tipped her cup back

And in the stillness of that moment
The silence of that sip
I saw my other self staring back at me
And I understood

I understood why some choose noise
Laughter, sound and clamour
To drown out Silence’s
Sardonic dare

Should noise grow faint
And laughter cease
And silence slip your way
And coyly wink at you

Choose carefully what you will do
What taunting challenge you will take
Perhaps the bravest thing of all
Is to welcome laughter’s delight

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Shame's Silence

I am your silence
The shame you cannot speak
I am your judge and jury
Your guardian and executioner

So speak to me now in your defence
And let me weigh your words
To see if in my soul
Some compassion can be stirred

Your words condemn you as you speak
For though excuses you may seek
To justify and beautify your life
I am shame you cannot speak

I know your ways
The tim tams in the fridge
The chocolate on the shelf
Your bottled lovers in camouflage
The drugs of your release
Your internet lover
Your organisms of quick release
Your wealth diced on the tables of hope
I’m the shame you cannot speak

I tease and taunt you
Condemning you
To a slow constricting death
Caught in fear’s python like grip

A death of silence
A cadaver turned inside out
For I your shame
Eat from inside out

Friday, April 19, 2013

Your Name?

Startled that arrow shot from bow
Should find its mark so quick
We stand dumb struck
As receding waves of sound give way
To clarion call of beating heart
Though of mine or yours is indistinct

Betrayed by eyes
That speak the words we dare not utter
Drawn by desires erotic pull
Into the orbiting sphere of the other
In the clarity of our unseeing gaze
Loves shadow mingles

With sensuous reserve
As if to test the weight of this insubstantiality
We lean into the other
And in our aura’s hot embrace
Insubstantiality becomes possibility
And we whisper

Your name?

The Final Silent Kiss

Scattered upon the sea
With final prayer
That your soul may roam free

I stand on the shore
Your substance now gone
Only memories remain.

Surrounded by salt sea
I choke on salt tears
As you drift on the currents

You gather that sea for one final goodbye
It surges and rises at your silent command
Swirling and rushing your wish to perform

I groan your name in my grief
While secretly proud of your power
You take me

Submerge me, baptise me
Your ashes flow over me
Life’s circle complete

As I took you a babe in my arms
Now in natures grip you take me in yours
And in the chaos and tumult

You grant me one final silent kiss

Receding you’re gone
From retreating waves
I rise to new life

In sad realization
I know, you are gone
Yet, in your going

You gave me
One final memory
The memory

Of that final chaotic silent kiss.

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Venus' Morning Song

Choir of stars have sung
Bass and Baritone mingled with
Alto and contralto
Bel canto songs into galaxies flung
Melodic harmonics
Of haunting splendour
Now into silence fade

Galaxies hold their breath
As onto her stage she glides
Few moments of iridescent, incandescent beauty
Exquisite luminosity
Bringer of light
Her song sung in silent reverence
Reverberates from eternity into time

And as Apollonian light does grow
She fades
Yet song is heard by feathered friends
From under downy quilts
They stretch and yawn
And clearing throats from slumbers fog
They sing sweet echo of her song

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

In White Silence

She slides across my night
Slipping through the filaments of sleep
I wake to find her wraith-like
Lace white tentacles across my life

In silent surrealness
Hard edges softened
Bird song muted
Hidden in the soft folds of her embrace

Sun touched
She lifts her veil
Surrenders her place
With a last lingering kiss
Surreal takes reality’s shape

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Silent Meditation after Yoga

I've saluted the sun
Dogged upwards and downwards
I've cat stretched and cobra’d
Planked and de-planked
Twisted and stretched
Now I'm shavasana’d
in deep meditation

Concentrating on breathing
A truck rumbles past
Don’t listen to the truck
I listen to the truck
My mind drifts off………….

I return after silence refreshed and renewed
I've sorted out tea
I’ll phone Dorothea
I've sorted out work
I’ll swing by the dry cleaners
I’ve planned the weekend
I’ve replayed and won the discussion I had last week
As for next week I’ve wondered and worried
For planning and preparation is what it’s all about
I must remember to write it all down before I forget

I sit in calm repose
And wonder why she’s wearing that!
The cut and colour should not be allowed
I bow my head in silent thanks
And Namaste peace to all

Now move bitch don’t just stand there
Peaceful in vacant repose
I’ve got places to go and people to see
I smile and I nod as I scurry away

I just love the silent mediation 

Monday, April 15, 2013

Silent Rage

Eyes glazed with fury
Black agate
Pitiless, cold
Stare in impervious animosity

Stony, impassive
Sphinx like, mute, inscrutable
Granite faced and hard
Implacable in your wrath

Frozen immobile in your icy rage
Words chilled in Arctic silence
My soul rimed
In the diamond hardness of your stare

Speak to me, see me
Tell me where I'm wrong
Turn your anger hot and
Thaw my frozen soul

Sunday, April 14, 2013

The Meeting

We met through written word
Silent calligraphies of self description
Curiosity sparked

In Sun lit corner
By autumns fading light
We chanced

Eyes silently weighing,
Self description against perception
Hidden in pleasantry of flowing words

Defences erected in a blink
Buttresses checked, in place
Breached in questioning look

We've come far
Since tenuous words in silent reaching
Entwined our lives

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Thank you

Just wanted to say thank you to everyone who has read and commented on my poems.

I only started writing poetry in February of this year.  As some of you may realize, in a moment of 'madness' I decided to write a poem each day on some aspect of silence for the month of April.  This was more to discipline myself to writing something every day.

I have spent most of the month in some form of neurotic meltdown, waking up most mornings with no idea of what I am going to write and how I am going to manage it.

It has been a humbling journey learning to trust the creative process.  I have appreciated and valued you reading the beginnings of my journey in poetry.

So thank you to everyone and may your creative muses bring you that delightful mix of joy, happiness, frustration and excitement that is involved in the creative process.

The Silent Robes of Roles

I played my roles
And learnt my lines
I learnt them very well
I took the part
And robed myself in roles

I played good son
Faithful and loyal consort
A gift of my father
To frustrated maternal whims
I kept my silence

I played good Christian
Faithful and loyal and true
I gifted myself to God’s holy orders
To frustrated fraternal desires
I kept my silence

I played good adult
Mature, reserved, contained
I gifted myself to others
A child grown up too soon
I kept my silence

Oh yes I played my roles
And behind my eyes the eyes of a child
Sought to be known
For who I was, simply me
I kept my silence

I‘ve grieved in silence
The boy too soon a man
The child unseen
In an adult’s world
A role within their schemes

Silent no more
I cast my roles aside
The lines I learnt I refuse to speak
The robes I wore
Are torn and rent

I rise to greet that boy.
That boy who is now the man
I take him in arms
Into his eyes I gaze
And see his pride reflected in mine

For we the boy and man
Survived the roles we played
Now hand in hand
We walk in silent prayerful gratitude
And thrive without our roles

Friday, April 12, 2013

Hope's Silent Arrival

Midst cracked headstones
Silent witnesses to
Faded eulogies
Of what might have been
Green leafed hope springs

Midst broken wings
Of angels cast in stone
Who could not soar
Promethean bound and chained
Unbound bud of hope grows

Midst tarnished dreams
Of plastic flowers
Perpetual indulgences
Of frozen grief
The flower of hope unfrozen, blooms

Midst remorse of what might have been
And grief at what we think we lost
Hope springs, silently, brazenly
Like Persephone returning
In riotous gentle display

Life is for living
What might have been might still yet be
And what was lost might still be found
Hope resurrects us to the present
And frees us from our pasts

Hope simply asks of us
The grace not to fret,
The patience to wait
The gift of sight
To see her glorious return

Silent Thoughts of Men

You loved me for my silence
You called it very deep
It added to my mystery
Of strength and inscrutability

You chatted merrily
In my silence
You rattled on and on …and on
Secure in your knowledge I listened

I grunted and I nodded,
I’d mutter “mmmm” and “ahhhh”
And all the while in silence
My mind drifted far

For I was thinking
Of work and wine
Of boys nights out
And a boy’s night in

I thought of sex
The last time we had it
The next time we will
And what to do in between

I thought of football
Rugby, soccer
Basketball and
Other games with balls

I thought of mates,
Face book friends,
Who tweeted to whom,
And how I could check my phone.

So you see my silence
Tis not deep nor mystic
Nor strong, or calm
I’m just in my own world
While you rattle on and on …. and on.

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

The Silence of My Father's Study

Golden sunlight
Texture of old parchment
Sun beams of dust motes dance in noiseless ecstasy
Filtering through gauze curtains faded yellow
Books those silent soldiers
Guardians of his space
Gilt edged and worn
Orphaned from other shelves
Collected and caressed in love
They stand in silent adoration.
Mute testimony to his affection
Their pages filled with unspoken words
Congested verbosity in choking dust.

I lie on carpet waiting in silence
Watching dust motes dance
I breathe heavy dust filled air
Hoping to catch an essence of
The man who is my father.
I wait, I hope
But he has gone, battles to fight
Souls to save
People more interesting than I
Yet waiting in vain hope
That on his return he will love me more than these

So father and I
Confined in similar space
In the silence of his study
Familiar bond collapsing under falling dust
I learn my place
Behind these guardians of his space

Awed into Silence

Being of non-being
Unbearable Light who lives in darkness
All knowing Unknowable
Beginning who is the End
The silence behind all sound
The certain uncertainty of all that is
Divine mystery undescribed, indefined

Yet man in uncertain certainty
To define, confine, explain
His fears in certain certainty

And in his fear praying
Imploring for
Peace, prosperity,
Health, wealth,
Mercy, money
Friends, freedom
Self and sainthood
He hopes in the answer
To know he’s loved

But when all praying ceases
Litanies no more intoned
Definitions undefined
Then in speechless wonder
I shall stand in silent awe
Lost in wonder
Divine mystery revealed.

Monday, April 8, 2013

The Silent Kiss of Light

Shaft of light
Speeding from beyond
Gift Bearing
Amber of warmth
Held in your embrace
Wrapped against cold space

Shaft of light
Dancing, lightly falls
Unseen touches, caresses,
Light kisses
Uncurling in silent shyness
She opens petals blushed red.

Unfurling, unfolding
Silent passion inflamed
Her beauty aroused
Deep red in proud display
For she, a flower
Was kissed by light.

Sunday, April 7, 2013

The Silence of the Final Breath

Machines, guardian sentinels of your struggle
Expire in reverent silence
Beeps, beep no more
Hisses, no longer hiss
The lines, their dancing cease
Bow in flattened silence
As your breathing stills

Mechanical orchestra
Symphony of automated sound
Choir conducted by your breath
Into pianissimo descend
Softly, falling
In humble awe
As your breathing stills

For time expanded
And in the space between your rasping breaths
You slipped and fell through time
Moments became eternity
Your soul slid past your guardian sentinels
The silence of your going.

I crave one beep,
One blip to hear
I wait suspended breath to see
If rasping breath will return to me
But you have gone my son
My only son
Enfolded by eternity
And in the silence
Broken breath returns to me.

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Oyster's Silence

Grit infected
My pain unseen
Hidden in the silence
Of ebbing flow

Irritant inflamed
In silent grieving
My tears embrace
This aching

I wash and wash
This aggravation
I cover and layer
This pain

And in the silence of my grieving
Treasured beauty unseen grows
Hardened in adversity
Magnificence of pale translucence

A pearl
Pain’s silent salvation.

Friday, April 5, 2013

The Silence of Unanswered Prayer

They say you answer prayer
Forgive me, if I doubt
For after praying hard and long
And words had long died out
The only answer that I got was

They say I must believe for you to answer prayer
Forgive me; if unbelief has flourished
For though I had the smallest faith,
The mustard seed you required
The only answer that I got was

They say I’m a failure
And well, that may be true
In angry tones assuring themselves
You answer prayers of the right, yet
The only answer that I got was

I’ll take my silence and my doubt
My unbelief and failure
While others are convinced their right
I’ll take with grateful heart
The only answer that I got

Thursday, April 4, 2013

The Silence of my Discontent

By stealth it creeps upon me
Grey vapours of curling tentacles
Silently constrict
The blossom of satisfaction

It’s silent toxin spreads
Wilting flower of happiness
Fading beauty, crinkled, cracked
Falls in smouldering ash

Medusa gazed now frozen
In silent discontent
I pray the gods
One wish to grant

That rising from grey vapours
Smouldering ash and
Silent discontent
Phoenix of joy will soar.

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Silence of the Note - Ode to Beethoven's Moonlight Sonat

White ivory
Waiting to be played
Each note a syllable of sound
It’s distinct uniqueness rising, swelling
In haunting melodic grief

Notes rises, falling
Swelling to fall in gentleness upon my ear
Receding in courteous precision to the next
Ocean like on a still moonlight night

It’s magnificence still haunts me
Fills me with sweet sadness
Of beauty given unheard by its creator
Yet it is the space between each falling note
The gentle silence
Of moon light’s pale glow
The stillness of that light
The silence which bathes substance in shadow

It is the beauty of the space between each note
Its haunting suspended silence
Which captivates me, enthralls me to its etherealness
I wait, still all these years past
With the same tear
For the beauteous silence of moonlight.

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

When Apollo Leaves the Building


Strangled mid-thought
Stifled before synaptic creation
Unconnected, isolated, disjointed swarm
Ghoul like, scrabbling the inside of my mind

Lusting for expression
Vampiric in determination
Careless of order and sound
Absurd symphony of disjointed echoes

Apollo flees
Before this dissonance of discordant noise
Of screeching Furies
No Orphic verse to still their sound

Lyre off key, strung too tight
Paeans silent before the howling Hade’s
Cyparissus cries in mourning
Creativity receding

I wait
I hope
I learn to trust
For Apollo’s returning

Silent Eyes

No word spoken
Yet in the glancing of our eyes
In the silence of that look
I see your love.

No touch of hands
Yet in the glancing of our eyes
In the silence of that glimpse
I know your desire

No hug given
Yet in the glancing of our eyes
In the silence of that sad look
I feel your sorrow

No accusation made
Yet in the glancing of our eyes
In the silence of that cold, repelling stare
I know your anger

What comes first, word or silence?
It is the silence of the eyes
For after the
The word is spoken.

Monday, April 1, 2013

The Breath of Silence

Eyes closed
Skin soft, warmed in the hushed rhythm of life
Fingers miniature, curled in perfect symmetry
Face unscripted, unlined by life

Silent, sleeping, resting
The hushed cadence of breath
Chest rising, the noiseless expansion of welcome
Greets life – the gift silently given

In the silence of your sleep
In your soundless breathing
The gift of life
Uncurling quietly, wordlessly grows