Sunday, March 31, 2013

Silence's Invitation

Silence intrigues me.
Silence is never about absence or nothing, it is the presence of something.
Something that is not necessarily named
Something that often slips unnoticed in the spaces of our lives.

I have decided to challenge myself for the month of April.
My challenge is both simple and daunting.
It is to write on the subject of silence for each day of the month
It is the discipline of both noticing and writing.

Today, the first day of April it is

Silence’s Invitation

Quietly enters
Slipping between the cacophony of unrelenting sound
The clamour of persistent noise
Undisturbed, unperturbed yet with gentle insistence
Silence waits

When sound grows tired
It’s waves grow faint
And clamouring fades away
Silence stirs
It’s shimmering diaphanous presence
Delicate through me flows

Ethereal though it be
Silence embracing, wraps me
And in those spaces of my soul
I feel the alluring stillness
The fascinating presence of silence

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