Tuesday, March 12, 2013


I took a step today
Just a little step
More a shuffle than a step
A scuffle than a stride

That step took courage
I could have stood
Stock still
Frozen and fixated as I was.

That step exposed me
Uncomfortable and vulnerable
I could have stayed
Hidden and disguised as I was

I’m pleased I took that step today
Not much you say as you stride by
Defended in your suit of armour
Lest life impale you as on you stride

I smile, for having been impaled by life
I had the courage
To take a step today
I’m neither where I was nor where I am to be

Courage is not in striding forward
Impervious and strong
Courage is the pluck
To take again another step

I took a step today
That step took courage
Tomorrows step is still to come
I’ll have the courage to take that step

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