Sunday, December 17, 2017


It’s leaving
Was wistful.
Noticed more
Gone, than in
The going.

Dogma dulled
As doubt’s
Eroded creedal

Prayers, first
Grew silent
Tired of
Echoing words

I do not
Grieve my loss
Gritted memories
Of a more
Gullible time

Yet still, some
Sunday evenings
In the silence
I hear those
Echoes of

Faith’s blind
Certainty, her
Blissful confidence
In the inclusion of
Being the called

On this journey
At some point
I lost my faith,

I am not lost
For in the loosing
I have learnt,
To be content in
Uncertain doubt

Friday, December 8, 2017

The Wall

The sunlight, dances
On your cheek

You think, I am
Psychoanalysing you

What I cannot speak
Silent must remain

The tremor of
Time warping
Fractures reality
Or is it

Did once
I know you?

Did once, we
Dance with

Cold kiss
Of metal, penetrating
What desire
Could not do

Your fierceness
Unabated, grown
More subtle
Over years

Now you
With words
These walls
Of mine

We waltz
With glances
Heated with
Desire, and
Laugh to cover
Our lust

Where once
Your sword
Slit me
Now words
Undo me

The sunlight dances
On your cheek

While I retreat
Behind this wall
Of mine

What I want to say

Silent must remain.

Saturday, December 2, 2017

Hyde Park

Leaves tinseled
With sunlight
Whisper above me
While wisps of
Wind frolic
Amongst branches
Swaying in
Symphonic irritation

I lie below
What is above
Not the tinselling
Or the frolicking
Nor the whispering
But the
Symphonic irritation

The symphonic
Irritation of
Nerves stretched
Taunt, over strung
And tightened
Twang against
The metallic tones
Of muted skies.

Thursday, November 30, 2017

The Whisperer

He sits
Beside me
Lithe of limb
Liquid eyes
Pools of brown

Probing with a
Stillness, searching
Through the
Skins of
My masquerade

Words tumble
Against my teeth
Swallowing, I
Force them

While he
Watching my
Swirling thoughts
In silence

While I
To stop from
Slipping, stroke
Grey wool, to
Ground myself

And I wonder,
I wonder
What he thinks
In silence
As he waits

This whisperer
Who, lithe
Of limb, and
Eyes of brown
Sits beside me

While words
Tumble against
My teeth
I, with a sigh
Have learnt

I have learnt
To smile, to dance
To keep
The veil

Of the masquerade

Monday, November 27, 2017


I hear the silence
The space

Between breaths
As our lips meet

The unspoken intensity
Of aloneness parading
As passion, gulping
At your breaths

I hear the stillness
The space

Between your
Heart beats

The eternity
Of longing
In the spaces
Between the beating

In the silence
In the stillness
In the spaces
I am naked

We clothe ourselves
With kisses, synchronizing
Heart beats calling
It love

But love I find
In the stillness

Before I kiss
In the spaces

Of our hearts
And in the silence

The silence

Of our spaces

Saturday, October 28, 2017

This Angel on my Shoulder

He sits in silent contemplation
Monochrome white
His stillness unperturbed
By the serrated energy
Of my life

Wing covered eyes
He waits in silent grief
When tears creep
Through the hooded lids
Of my eyes

He sits in
In colours
Before him
I cannot hide

The pounding
And the heart beat
Of men I have held
Leave him

He knows
My deepest longing
To find
Not love, but
The difficult simplicity
Of myself

This angel
On my shoulder
Sits and contemplates
And waits, till
I chose not to hide

And sometimes,
Just sometimes
Through these
Hooded tears of mine
He reaches out
To touch me

To tell me
In the whispering
It is enough
To be myself
Surrounded by
The wings
Of an angel
On my shoulder

My thanks to Neil from Hoodedwept whose passion and love for his creative clothing providing the inspiration for this poem.  Thank you

Wednesday, October 25, 2017

A Mothers Love

She expelled me
With great relief
On lookers say
With pride and joy
That says more
Of them
Than her

Her joy
Was my expulsion
Her pride
She had them fooled
But I swam in
Her Artic waters
I knew her rage

I kept my balls
Locked from her
Castrating gaze
Our love was best
At a distance
Silence, our language
Of choice

The years ground
Ground us down
The perfume
Of her depression
Clung to my being
And long before
Her leaving

I left for my
Survival.  Our parasitic
Relationship severed
I was the son
She did not want
She the mother

I did not need